Embajada en Santa Lucía

The Bilateral Relationship with Saint Lucia and the OECS


Argentina and Saint Lucia established diplomatic relations in December 1979.

In 2013, the Argentine Republic decided to open an Embassy in Castries and designated its first resident Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Mr.  Luis Beltrán MARTÍNEZ THOMAS (Decree N° 4/2013 and Decree N°960/2013).

Ambassador Martínez Thomas presented his letters of credence on October 17 2013.

During the last couple of years, contacts with Saint Lucian authorities have strengthened, as a result of several Argentine delegations visiting the Caribbean region in order to identify  areas for implementing mutually beneficial cooperation programmes.



In Juanuary 2013, former non-resident Ambassador Marcelo SALVIOLO presented his letters of credence to Dr. Len Ishmael, Director General of the OECS, as first Argentine representative to the OECS. The "Agreement between the Argentine Republic and the OECS on South-South and Triangular Cooperation Activities" was signed in Castries that same day .

On this occasion, both authorities agreed that the agreement would contribute to broaden the relationship between Argentina and the OECS. The Director General expressed her interest in joint technical cooperation in fields such as agriculture, fishing, tourism, environmental management, information technology, trade and investments, and highlighted the importance of working together to eliminate poverty, achieve sustainable development and cope with climate change, in order to promote regional stability.

More recently, Ambassador Luis Martínez Thomas was designated as first resident Ambassador to the OECS. Ambassador Martínez Thomas presented his letters of credence to Dr.  Didacus Jules, Director General of the OECS, on August 5 2014.

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